Battle of the Bands 2016!

Final took place on Sunday 29th. Canvas (Youth Arts Comittee organinsed the event) meet every Wednesday from 6 -9pm, new members welcome!

The sun was shining and the crowds were singing, dancing and cheering at the Grainstore on Sunday during the final Battle of the Bands! Félim, Limerence, Creep, Young Earth, Depth Perception and James Wynne had all fought off tough competition to make it into the final. They battled it out one more time and wowed the crowds with their diverse sounds of indie rock, pop, traditional, rock and heavy mental. 15 acts took part over the 5 weeks drawing crowds of over 600 people. On Sunday alone over 300 people turned up to support their local groups and give their all important audience vote. Huge congratulations to the three winnere: Felim, Creep and Depth Perception! They will be the envy of many a performer as they take to the stage this July 15th -17th at 'Longitude Music Festival' at Marley Park! We are also looking for young people to help organise this event next year and other arts events, as well as taking part in free workshops, such as the upcoming guitar lessons with the amazing Eamonn Moran: Dedicated helpers will receive a free ticket to Longitude! If you are interested in helping out, just turn up at the Grainstore any Wednesday from 6 - 9pm, as that's when Canvas, dlr's Youth Arts Committee meet to organise the event and plan future events and workshops. Anyone aged 12 -25 with an interest in the arts or event management will find a welcoming group of young people. Jane Purcell, the Grainstore Co-ordinator will also be there to introduce you to everybody, mobile: 086 026 6617, email: